I’m interested in this guy who says he interested in me too. He’s really sweet but he’s HORRIBLE when it comes to returning text messages and calls. Sometimes he responds to my messages and missed calls hours or even days later. He works and can’t always respond to me at work, but what about after work? He always posts on his Instagram/Facebook, and whenever we hang out he lives on his phone and is always messaging people so it just makes me wonder if he’s purposely not responding to my messages. I’m beginning to wonder if that means he’s just not that into me?

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That sounds pretty frustrating. Is he aware that the lag time between messages and calls are bothering you? If you feel comfortable, talking to him about it may be worthwhile. You can also hear his take on it that way. I can’t tell you if his actions mean he’s not into you, but it may be worthwhile to ask yourself what you want out of this relationship and whether your needs are being met. Sounds like you two may want to talk about compromise.

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