What’s up with this? 1st Edition: In it for the Chase

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In the beginning of a relationship things can seem so perfect! The person shows a lot of interest with regular calls or messages. They want to spend a lot of time with you; they ask really thoughtful questions…. It’s really clear that they’re into you!

Knowing that, you let your guard down and share yourself with them a bit. You make more time in your schedule for them, have sex with them, max out your daytime minutes, and cancel on your friends to chill with your new boo. Either way, it feels really good… until it all STOPS! Like WTF!?!! Just like that??? How can someone show so much interest then stop so effortlessly?

In trying to figure that out, your overly thoughtful panic sets in as you think, “They must be going through something! I need to be supportive and check-in”.

Then suddenly they’re always busy, and the calls and messages are more than often initiated by you, as you try to maintain the level of communication and feelings you initially felt with this person. Things can get messy here, especially when you realize that maybe….just MAYBE, you both weren’t on the same page with what this relationship was all about. They were about the chase, and you were in it for the long-run.

What’s up with that?

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One thought on “What’s up with this? 1st Edition: In it for the Chase

  1. This is so common that it is scary. The thing is people especially young people meet many different people many different ways. new people frequent in and out of our relationship circles and it can be confusing. but communicating, and straightening out what is valued in the first couple conversations is a whole lot easier than feeling it out and getting stressed out over it.

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