The Ex-Factor!!!

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Oh the dreaded Ex! Not your ex… your partner’s ex! …. YUP! That one!

Just when you think you’re in the clear. You’re one step away from hitting cloud 9.5 and the EX pops up out of the blue. There’s the happy birthday  text,  the “I want you back” call, and the  long-time no-see greeting in the mall seasoned with a gentle embrace that  lasts 2.5 seconds longer than you feel is necessary- all while you stand there, and smile. I get that y’all have history but damn it, a wave will do!

That one person/threat that can make you question everything about your current relationship and yourself. Just knowing they exist within a 200 km radius of the person you’re interested in is enough to shake things up, and have us acting a mess! We suddenly feel the need to dress better, try to cook, spend a little extra cash to impress, start taking yoga hoping to enhance our sexual performance, heck we even listen better.

What is it about the EX that make us so uncomfortable, even when things are going well?

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