I’m So Lonely

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Some things are still really hard to bring up.  Loneliness comes to mind.  For most, it’s very very hard to come out and say I “feel alone”, “unconnected”, or “left out”.  Tonnes of us are looking for friends or that special someone.  It can seem like everyone has somewhere to go on Saturday night.  Someone to meet for lunch.  Someone to text, call,or hug upon waking.  It can feel worse over the holidays.  So many people are preoccupied with finding that perfect gift or the right thing to wear to all the parties they’ve been invited to.

It’s hard being on the outside looking in but know that you are not alone.  Studies show young adults are feeling increasingly lonely.  Seems strange in a time of constant connectivity and social media.  We’re learning that just because people can connect more easily doesn’t mean that’s what’s happening.  Loneliness can affect people with hundreds of likes on facebook, people with lots of “acquaintances”, people with lots of money, people from large families, and even people in romantic relationships.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, feels lonely at some point in their lives.  It is possible to control how long you spend in that state.  Recognize when you’re feeling lonely…naming it helps.  The good news is there are others looking for the exact same things you are.  The question is how do you find each other???

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