PDA ? What is too much?


<the following has been prepared for icanrelate by one of the project’s amazing youth advisors>

You’re late! You’re late! You’re late! You have 3 minutes to get to your next period class but you forgot your binder in your locker. You’re racing down the hall and lo and behold, Sam and Alex, the annoyingly over-affectionate couple in school are making out in front of your locker!

1:45 minutes left. How inappropriate? And, what bad timing!

PDA ? What is too much? Here is what I think:

I think we all can agree that holding hands and placing a peck on your partners’ forehead or lips is socially acceptable. It is viewed as sweet and innocent to most people around. On the other hand, what if we turn the heat up a little bit? What is too hot?

1. SCHOOL PDA? Save yourself the trouble. School is not a place to start having hands under clothes or even share deep tongue kisses. Peers and faculty members may find this offensive which may lead to a visit to the principal’s office.

2. WORK PDA ? Here’s another one, Lets be professional! Your boss doesn’t pay you to have a 7′oclock rendezvous with your significant other! There should always be a boundary in one’s personal and professional life.

3. TTC PDA? I think it’s gross! The last thing anyone wants to witness during the 6′oclock evening rush is a couple making out with each other in the middle of the subway car. We get it! They’re into each other! But not everyone is into watching other people swap spit.

Even though you were probably late for your next period class I hope these tips were useful. Of course; you can choose whether or not to use these tips, but prepared to face the PDA Consequences.

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