Giving the Silent Treatment?

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It’s pretty amazing how we can access almost anything.  Say I wanna bake a better chicken pot pie, I can watch a youtube video or download an awesome recipe.  To be a better photographer, I could look through thousands of online galleries or read advice from pros. 

 So, say I want to be a better partner.  Where do I learn this?

 Self reflection is HUGE and part of that is questioning where we get our ideas.  Whether we like it or not, we are influenced by the relationships of people around us.  When a parent throws a phone in an argument, we learn.  When a lover uses silent treatment as punishment, we learn.  When Rihanna goes back to Chris Brown, we learn.

Your confidence, your clinginess (or lack of), your flirty-ness, your touchy-feeliness, your sexual openness are all shaped by past experiences.  Most of this is done subconsciously.  We can also consciously learn.  Reading this blog, critically watching youtube clips of people dishing advice, commenting on relationship blogs can all help.  Lastly, what about asking your partner what they’d like?  Ain’t no harm in asking!

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