When the Upper Hand Slaps You in the Face


Ever try to keep the upper hand in a relationship? Making sure that the other person likes or wants or loves you more, keeping control of power one way or another, dumping them before they dump you?

It’s understandable that no one wants to get hurt. No one wants to get dumped, get played, get cheated on, or feel like they have to beg.

But the problem with operating like this –where you’re always trying to gain the upper hand – is that you lose out on all that a relationship could be.

Love is a path in the dark. The truth is, there’s no map, and you can’t really just decide where you’re going and expect to get there. It grows and changes step by step. So if every step you take veers a little to the left, then a thousand steps later, you’re miles from where you wanted to go.

If it’s a relationship that’s worth your while, every decision counts. In the end, is it the upperhand you want? Or is it a loving, trusting connection? You can have only one or the other. And if you choose the upper hand, watch that it might slap you in the face.

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