Re-thinking perfect partners

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Many of us put a lot of emphasis on finding a “perfect” partner. This means finding someone who sweeps us off of our feet, knows what we’re thinking, feeling and is able to meet all of our needs. This “perfect” person is supposed to become our BFF and lover. That’s a tall order, right?

It takes a lot to find one person to do all of that— IF that person even exists. Some of us go through a lot of partners to try and find the one “right” person.

But, what if we’re so busy looking for the “right” person that we miss meeting new people? Lose out on mind blowing sex? Pass up growing and learning opportunities? Or, disregard non-monogamous* relationships to get a variety of our needs and desires met (*also see WTF is an open relationship in our blog).

Rather than looking for perfection, what if we started to appreciate that everyone has “imperfections”? Humans make “mistakes”. Every day, everyone does things that could’ve been better. We can’t look our best, say the right things and be totally awesome all the time.

That being said, some of us may use another’s imperfections as a way to excuse emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse. We will talk about this more in another post.

What do you need and what in your relationship/s? Does the type of relationship you’re in change what your needs and boundaries are? What are your boundaries?

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