Porn, Porn Everywhere.

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Young people are watching porn.  Probably more now than ever before.  Is this good for youth relationships?  Guess it depends on who you ask.   The more tightly-wound are screaming about crumbling society and sexual deviants.  Others talk about sexual exploration actually enhancing relationships. A lot of people think porn leads to sex.  The fact is […]

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WTF is an Open Relationship?

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You might have heard about it – open relationships, polyamoury, non-monogamy. It’s all over the place. But WTF are they, really? Well, basically, it’s a consensual way of having non-exclusive relationships. In other words, people who are involved agree to specific arrangements. It’s not a free licence to “cheat”, and it’s not a lack of […]

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Am I Good At Sex?

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Because everyone is different and constantly changing, there’s not just one way to be “good” at sex. But, to start, ask yourself these questions. You might figure out where you’re a star, and where there’s room to improve. Do you know and like yourself? How do you feel about your body, your sexual desires, your desirability? […]

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